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Monday, February 17, 2014

Java Script and Dynamic HTML

Posted by chacky glory  
3:25 PM

Java Script and Dynamic HTML



Four technologies/languages


Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS)

Scripting languages

Document Object Model (DOM)

Bahasa Pemrograman Dynamic HTML

ASP = Active Server Page

JSP = Java Server Page = Visual Basic Network

PHP = Personal Home Page

Java script



–Interpreted oleh client
–Terintegrasi dengan dokumen HTML
–Loose typing of data types
–Script hanya berfungsi pada browser
–Bekerja dengan elemen HTML
–Access browser objects and functionality

–Program dapat di kompile dan dapat dijalankan oleh client
– Dapat menggunkan apllet untuk dokumen Strong typing of data types
–Aplikasi yang dapat berdiri sendiri
–Dapat berjan seperi HTML (contoh multimedia)
–No access to browser objects or functionality

JavaScript Data and Variables

Variables van be used without declaring them.

It is better, however to declare them, for example:

var name = "Fred";

var a, b, c;

var pi = 3.1415926;

You don't specify the type of the variable.

All data types are objects, but explicit construction is not always necessary.

JavaScript Expressions

JavaScript supports most of the same operators supported by Java.

For example, comparison operators include:

>, <, >=, <=, ==

Assignment operators include:

=, +=, -=, *=, /=, etc

Logical operators include:

&&, ||, !

Arithmetic operators include:

+, -, *, /, %

JavaScript Functions

•A function in JavaScript is like a static method in Java.
•You use functions to store code that you will use a number of times.
•Functions may have parameters and return values but you don't specify the type of either.

More Advanced JavaScript

•Some of the more advanced techniques include:
–Pull-down or pull-out menus
–Draggable objects
–More complex animations
•There are code libraries around for many of these tasks (see references)
•Typically you import a code library as follows:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript” SRC="dynlayer.js">


Java Applets

Server side


Included in page

<APPLET CODE="classname.class" width="300" height="200"><PARAM NAME="paramname" VALUE="20"></APPLET>

<OBJECT classid="clock.class" codetype="application/java" width="300" height="200"><PARAM NAME="paramname" VALUE="20"></OBJECT>

Baca juga tentang pelajaran Sistem Multimedia Antara lainnya Yaitu :

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